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Silver Sphere

One shall put his all efforts to evolve, become better in knowledge, feelings, deeds and thoughts in order to prosper. The union of those, committed to this principle will conquer any peak.


The House of Medynsky is an ancient noble family, of Ruthenian origin, recorded in the Kingdom of Galicia–Volhynia, notable in the histories of the Habsburg Empire and Polish–Lithuanian Commonwealth. The family historically owned various estates predominantly in Ruthenian lands of Austrian Empire, Bohemia and the Crown of the Kingdom of Poland, Territories of Volhynia, Chernihiv, Lubny and Kiev.

Nowadays the family members are involved in real estate investments, science, art and philanthropy all around the world and dedicate their knowledge and enthusiasm in diverse variety of projects. 

Our main idea and initiative -  is to develop and provide people with the highest quality of life through the managed and coordinated infrastructure of assets, businesses and networks. Main idea is to create and develop the sustainable multifunctional assets infrastructure of Real Estate and Agricultural ventures, complementing each other in synergies and purpose.


Since one of the main field of our expertise is Real Estate, our broad spectrum of interests is based on the investment objectives and strategic analysis of the international markets. Our main principles  - Vision, Integrity and Perfection - give us the confidence in our achievements.

We believe in our values:

Professionalism - in all industries and sectors of our interests and expertise, we maintain the highest standards for our professionals, partners and collaborators. 

Respect - our esteem for one's excellence, a personal quality or ability, as well as the consideration of a manifestation of a personal quality or ability.

Responsibility - we aware of the impact and value that our businesses and investments bring to the society and we are committed to the protection of the environment and development of the wellbeing of the community.

Loyalty - We encourage the diversity and promote professional development by recognising the merit and creativity as the stimulus for the excellence. 

Trust - creditability, professionalism and integrity in all our actions.

Synergy - we set our investments and businesses as cohesive complementing each other strategies to provide a combined effect in its sum for the key to success. 

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