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Glass Sphere



One of the most important and defining parameters of the Quality of Life is our health, therefore we put our focus on the continuous research and improvements of our knowledge in this area. Hospitality, as we see it - is a perfect platform for the implementation of the general idea of healthy living and therefore improving the Quality of Life factor.



We thrive our interests and commit to the better quality of life by supporting clinical and scientific medical researches, as well as promote the rise of awareness to technological innovation on a global scale.


The art of living is one of our passions. Our goal in hospitality is to create a unique blend of traditional craftsmanship and modern qualities, an exclusive gastronomic experience, health and beauty in harmony with nature and the spirit.

Our aim is to respect the historical heritage and nature and to preserve tradition. This envision is based on nurturing unique artisanal skills, developing contemporary forms of education and imparting exceptional knowledge-based skills while promoting technical innovation.

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