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For the achievement of the target objective we have selected several industries, that we define as the core for our development.

For the achievement of the target objective we have selected several industries, that we define as the core for our development.

Real Estate

High return, Great Value, as well as the minimised risk compared to the other investments enhanced by the structural and systematic approach are under no doubt the  benefits of this industry.

Sophisticated Values

Real estate is not just a field of expertise for us, but a business based on beliefs. It embodies our commitment to combine long-term positive impact and financial performance for the benefit of our clients.


Through our Family-owned infrastructure of companies, we develop our unique REDIPs (real estate development & investment portfolio) of diversified real estate assets and projects.​



Our integrated real estate platform in UK, KSA and 6 European countries, brings together teams of the best professionals who combine their local expertise with technical, financial, legal, strategic and commercial skills to create value for all types of real estate assets.​


Through funds, mandates or direct transactions, we offer targeted and specialised investment and asset management solutions that meet different risk-return ratios.​


We target mainly direct transactions to acquire real estate. These transactions are carried out for individual investors or can take the form of club deals, combining a portfolio or asset backed by our team with a limited group of like-minded investors.​


Our mandates, which include investment, portfolio and asset management, add value through our expertise in a particular segment, sector or geographic area. The average mandate starts from a target value of €50 million in real estate assets.​



The real estate market is a very local market. Our professionals, operating in UK, KSA and 6 European countries, know the specificities of their region very well. As a result, they are able to forge real partnerships at a local level that provide real added value for our clients.



We remain selective and flexible, driven by the entrepreneurial spirit that characterises our ventures.

We do not try to cover every geographic region or every strategy. We focus on KSA and Western Europe and favour investments that are subject to long-term trends: city offices, industrial and logistics properties, housing, urban redevelopment, etc.



We opt for active and pragmatic portfolio management that contributes to value creation over the entire term of the mandate. Our aim is to achieve a tangible and lasting positive impact on the asset in terms of energy consumption, risk profile, market attractiveness and services offered to residents.


Against the backdrop of environmental challenges, changing habits, the digital revolution and urban transformation, the real estate sector is closely linked to the major shocks of our time.


Through our investments, we aim to contribute to major changes in the sector, whether in land use planning, the development of innovative and sustainable buildings, or the renovation and optimisation of the energy consumption of obsolete buildings.

Revitalising neighbourhoods and large housing complexes with a positive impact on urban design and the environment.


Working with authorities and local communities to create places to live and socialise.


Supporting the design of buildings of the future and incorporating services into planning.

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